It’s A Pleasure To Meet You

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Well, hello there!

It is quite an honor, I’ve heard so much about you. I’m Myrna Shanut Anaut, by the way. However, I go by Shanut [noun; Shah-nu]. Born in Coconut Grove & raised in the crossroad between Shenandoah, The Roads & Little Havana, I have spent my 25 years of life, breathing-living-being everything Miami. Which brings me to my next point… pause …I sell Real Estate for a living. Heard of LUXE Properties yet? (Please follow me right this way if you have not –> LUXE)

Inspired by MIAMI, real estate & anyone with an eye for exquisite taste, I will let live | play | miami do the rest of the talking. Now sit back & enjoy the vibes -> Intoxicated by Martin Solveig

For your viewing pleasure:


– Shanut A.