Ten Museum Park | 2807

Although this property is under contract & closing mid May (fingers crossed knock on wood as my broker so wisely says), I still have to show it some love.

Now that I mention it, 2807 has been one of my favorite listings of 2015. Here’s why:

  • TMP sits at the heart of Downtown Miami, now known as the Arts & Entertainment District. I loved this area so much as a child because… well… Bayside. There is just a certain excitement associated with going “Downtown” in any city. Thanks to several showings & experiencing it at different times of the day, my love for the area has been reignited.
  • I got to know a building I had completely underestimated. Amidst so much action, sitting in between buildings with tons of foot traffic, TMP has a coy 50 stories & 8 units per floor at most. The Sky Garden & amenities are also lovely.
  • I fell in total love with the actual unit. The light that beams through the floor to ceiling/wall to wall windows will do it to you, but this unit has a special twinkle. I feel a sense of freedom every time I walk through.

Check out the showcase video our awesome marketing department put together:

TMP 2807 | 2/2.5, | 1,223 sq.ft.

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Hasta la próxima.

-Shanut A.